Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Must-Have Accessories For Your Fashionable Kids

We’ve all seen the gossip mags: Tiny Trendsetters, Hollywood’s Best Dressed Kids, Celebrity Kid Style… Just Google it and you’ll get thousands of articles, listicles, images, Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards (you name it!) glorifying children’s fashion. And there certainly are some very well-dressed celeb children out there. But just like with grown-ups, kids don’t have to wear high-end designers to be fashionable. It’s really all in how you accessorize! Here are 4 cool ways to keep your baby or toddler both stylish and sustainable:

The Bib
If your baby is teething or learning to eat, he wears bibs. Unless, of course, you like to wash three or four sets of clothes every day, which I don’t. Now, we’ve all seen the classic bib and its millions of colorful versions, which somehow never seem to match or look good on anything your kid is wearing. Enter the MilkBarn Kerchief Bib—the must-have accessory for any style-seeking, eco-conscious, baby-feeding parent. It comes in number of super cool patterns, it’s made of certified organic cotton, and it will keep you darling diner’s actual clothes free from drool and grub. Who said style doesn’t have to be practical?!

The Bottoms
If your little girl is already potty trained, big congratulations—you are free from baby bum bulk and diaper covers! But for fashion-conscious mamas whose babies are still in diapers, MilkBarn’s Ruffle Bum Bottoms have got your back. These super cute undies will keep your princess’ tushie both tidy and trendy. Like all other MilkBarn clothes, they’re made from soft certified organic cotton and come in a variety of tasteful prints. Show off the cute signature ruffles around the leg holes, when you pair them with an adorable peasant dress (my personal favorite!) or a cute applique onesie.

The Toy
If there is one accessory you can pair with anything, it’s toys. Most kids have chaotic piles of them in every corner of the house, and I count myself lucky if I don’t trip on one at least three times a day. But I’m not talking about just any toys. I’m talking about THE toy—the one they carry everywhere, and sleep with, and feed, and talk to, and blame for all their mischief. The adorable Blabla Dolls are THAT toy! These charming animal companions are super stylish and perfect for both girls and boys. The cat and dog come dressed for both genders and the elephant and fox are completely unisex. They’re also fair trade, hand knit in Peru from high quality 100% cotton yarn. Friendship, fashion, fairness, Blabla.

The Backpack
Since birth, you’ve been carrying your little one, along with the millions of things he seems to need every time you leave the house. So, if he’s been walking for a while, it might be time for him to start pulling his own weight (and looking good doing it). Throw his sippy cups, snack packs, spare binkies and favorite toys in a MilkBarn Kids Toddler Backpack, and let him take the burden off your shoulders. These stylish lightweight organic cotton canvas knapsacks have soft adjustable straps, antique brass hardware and magnetic closures. They come in soft cream hues with either striped or mini polka dot front flaps and cute animal appliques. Your little ones will feel so cool wearing this, you won’t have to ask them twice to put it on!

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