Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Additions for Petunia Pickle Bottom

Introducing: New fall patterns from Petunia Pickle Bottom
 Sleepy Segovia City Carryall, Boxy Backpack and Wanderlust Wallet.
Sunshine in Scandinavia City Carryall and Boxy Backpack
Champs-Elysees Stop Boxy Backpack and Wanderlust Wallet

 These new styles offer something for every women. Whether you like a little pattern or something more simple and conservative these are the most stylish diaper bags around.  You'll be one sexy mama with a Petunia by your side!

The Sleepy Segovia is a beautiful olive green background with a grey and yellow trellis pattern that reminds me of a peacock feather.  Sunshine in Scandinavia is a fun and fresh ivory chevron on a citrine yellow background with dark grey trim and a stunning grey embroidered paisley.

If you like something a bit more subdued then the Champs-Elysees Stop is a classic solid grey with a classic Petunia embossed patter. Also available in black as the Central Park North Stop Boxy Backpack.

I speak from experience with my new little one. There is a pocket for everything!! The removable changing pad is by far the best feature.


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