Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank your for a beautiful and fabulous 2016

Oh my gosh you guys! What a year! We are beyond grateful and fortunate for all your support this year and the past 19 as well. So many of you are like family to us as you have shopped with us from day one and yet all of you, new and old, are part of our story. Which is the most humbling part. As we embark upon 2017, and our 20th anniversary year, we want to take a moment to reflect on this past year and share it all with you. 

In January, after only recently learning who Chip and Joanna were, we took a risk like we never had before and purchased the Magnolia Home Furniture line sight unseen.  Fixer Upper was so hot and we had the look already and people kept coming in and saying, "Your store looks like that Magnolia Market" or "They used that shelf on Fixer Upper last night". Honestly, Vic nor I had even seen one Fixer Upper episode until about March. We knew who they were but we were obviously oblivious to the magnitude of their awesomeness. When we finally did watch it we found ourselves overly excited and pointing at the screen over and over proclaiming,   "We carry that", "we carry that", "we know where she got that", "so and so vendor sells that", we finally got what the hype was all about.

Feeling feisty about our new big risk, we went off to our first trade show, of the year. With fire in our bellies, we took even more risks by changing our buying patterns of the past, including Christmas.

We are getting a wee bit daring and changing things up a bit for holiday 2016. But don't fret my little woodland friend, only a bit.

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In February we announced the coming of Magnolia to Purple Rose Home and you all could not have been more excited and supportive. We also welcomed some new items and looks into the shop and we got a new sign!

BIG DAY over here. New sign!!! What do you think?

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March was big cause, well, I met Joanna Freakin Gaines in the Dallas Airport on a layover to California. My gate was moved, I had my 3 year old in tow, and we needed to get food asap before our next flight left in 45 mins. Frantically pulling my son through the crowds, this familiar face is in my sites and I'm like "It's Joanna Gaines!" In my head of course. We were like 2 ships passing in the night. She was cool when I said hi. It was all so crazy and wild. No picture though. I was frozen and caught way of guard.

In April Vic and I decide we should probably go to the High Point Market and see the Magnolia Furniture in person. We still hadn't received our first shipment and Joanna would be introducing her rug and pillow line by Loloi. We booked a trip 2 weeks before and went for all of 48 hours and missed Chip and Jo by a day. But it was totally worth the trip.

May is our Anniversary month and we celebrated 19 years. We hit up Brimfield for some fabulous vintage finds, received our first shipment of furniture from the Magnolia line and hosted our annual tent sale.

The loot. #brimfield2016

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We are ready!! #tentsale #somuchfun

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In June we went to the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck and met Matthew Mead. Then we took a short detour to Hudson, NY where we found those awesome windows that are hanging behind our cash register.  We also did our first Facebook Live post inside the shop with some of our favorite accessories and faux ferns and you all loved it so much.

Hanging out with @matthewmeadstyle at the #clfair. It's a beautiful day.

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And now you see this when you walk in our front door!!!

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In July, Vic decorated, which is not something she does all the time 😉 and we did another Facebook Live with Magnolia Accessories. Our Christmas decor shipments started to trickle in and we began to plan for fall and the upcoming holiday season. We also started getting a lot of beautiful shares from you guys on our products in your homes. We love when you share them, so you can send them direct or tag us on the socials.

Vic redecorated!!

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In August we were nominated for the Top 25 shops out of 500 entries by Meg Caswell and New York Now. I got to have a private breakfast with Meg and the other finalists and it was a super fun opportunity.

We didn't win, but it sure was fun. Thanks you @megcaswellstyle for a great and interactive presentation.

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September was super fun cause we did a booth at The Vintage Bazaar and that was where we met so many of you.  It was two days of a whirl wind of vintage and repro vintage wonders and it was probably one of the most amazing experiences as a retailer that we've done. I think we will do it again.

And we are off!! @thevintagebazaar day 1. Lots of #magnolia goodies.

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Last day for @thevintagebazaar still lots of goodies left. 10-5. And today is reggae fest.

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In October I went off to High Point on my own to see the new intro's for Magnolia's spring
collection and I risked my life taking pictures in the showroom where the rules said "no photo's aloud". That was fun and I am beyond excited for these new intros for the New Year. I also found Brayden and Brooks which so many of you fell for their Family Signs and Difficult Roads sign.

Good morning! I'm caught up on sleep and ready for day 2 of operation #magnolia. This shot was taken outside the showroom looking in at this fabulous bed. On the other side of this wall is another bed that I will risk my life to get a photo of today because it's probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and will most likely be coming home to my house as soon as it's available. Stay tuned.

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November brought decorating for Christmas and our annual ladies night. So many of you came out to support us that night. Small business Saturday was our best yet, and the fact the you're supporting small businesses makes me so proud and happy to be part of one. Again we are truly grateful!

So this is happening all over the shop. I'm loving the simplicity of this.

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You can say there is, but there ain't. #homefortheholidays.

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And December continued to be magical with all the holiday hustle and bustle and all your beautiful and happy faces coming to visit us.

It truly is a #winterwonderland in here.

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We have big plans for 2017. I already mentioned that it's our 20th Anniversary and I have a little something up my sleeve for that in May. We are opening the doors to working and collaborating with other vintage vendors and store owners. Can't wait to share that with you.

We will be curating our website more, by bringing in more great vintage style decor and gifts. Stay tuned for new intros.

We are looking forward to building our Purple Rose Home community even more in the coming year. Thank you again and again from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support of Purple Rose Home.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Get the look. Fixer Upper Season Four Episode One

Did you see it? The much anticipated season four premier of Fixer Upper? The Cargo Ship house was a great way to kick of that season. 2 Words... Doggie Spa.

But the house it self was done so perfectly too.  I LOVE the blue accents in that kitchen. And the accessories and furniture, a lot of that is from Joanna's lines. Lets go check it out!

Here's that gorgeous Kitchen. I'm on the hunt for that lighting and those stools. That vent hood is simply stunning in that blue/green color. Well done Joanna (insert clapping hands).

Ok, so the family room has lots of goodies that we can get. First, that rug!!! The second I saw this complete look I new this rug had to go in my clients home so we ordered it right away (photos to come in a future post). Its the Kivi style in Ivory/Multi. The sofa and bench/coffee table are from the furniture collection (not on our site so call for info) and although those stunning chairs are not part of the line, but these ones are.

And those pillows are all available as well. We have the big fringy ones in the store right now and the oblong can be ordered.

Just a beautiful room all around and those faux beams are really something. My home is covered in real ones, but what a great alternative for those that don't have them.

That dining table right there is the Iron Trestle table. Its a mix of wood and metal and the V-match plank top is so unique. The shop floor finish is rich and warm with out the red tones.

Love the back to back fireplaces and that cubby to hold the wood is a dream! The blue pillow in front is from the collection as well and can be ordered too.

The rug in the sun room is from Joanna's collection and it breathtaking. It's from the Kivi Collection and it's the Sand and Sky color blend. There are a lot of deconstructed pieces, like this couch, coming in the spring furniture intro's.

Now the master bedroom. I think I saw that black dresser in the showroom in October, so fingers crossed it's in the spring intros cause its the perfect little dresser/nightstand combo. The bed is available now! It's the metal Trellis Bed and most of that bedding on there is Bella Notte. Looks like Linen Whisper shams in White or Winter White mixed with Fog. And the bedskirt and duvet are Linen.

This dresser is one of our favorite fall intros. It's the Golden Era Chest and we have one in the shop right now. The hardware is fabulous and it's a huge piece!

And the cute little sitting room off the bedroom have some more deconstructed pieces that we will be seeing in the Spring introductions! The pillows are part of the current line and they're one of my favorites!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

That beautiful girls room on Fixer Upper season 4 Episode 2

Well, Season 4 of Fixer Upper has started and Chip and Joanna sure as heck didn't disappoint. I'm gonna have to skip right over episode 1 and go right to episode 2 because... that little girls room!! What a cute idea Chip had to do the scalloped wall and the awning.

First of all those beds are from the Magnolia Home Furniture line. It's the Colonnade Youth Metal bed frame in twin or full in a black finish.

However the show stopper is that bedding. Psst, it's Bella Notte!! So gorgeous right? I love how they used queen duvet covers on twin beds to make it hang so perfectly. Everything is done in Heirloom Rose and those duvets are Linen Whisper. Joanna's favorite. You might have noticed that by now. 

Bella Notte really knows how to work with tones and textures to really accentuate the look on the bed. You want to jump right in and do pink everywhere now huh?
That bed skirt is also Linen Whisper which is the perfect gauzy sheer linen with the sweetest ruffle at the bottom.

Then top it off with some shams in the same hue and voila. Linen Whisper Deluxe Sham, Olivia Lace Pillowcase and Loulah silk velvet kidney pillow. All the heart eyes over here.

Shop the full Bella Notte Collection here.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The perfect Christmas decor for your vintage style farmhouse

Tis the season to deck the halls and walls and trees and the world! Ok, maybe I got a little carried away there. See round here we gotta get those decorations up in the shop by Halloween cause some folks skip right over Thanksgiving and get their trees and mantles done up in early November. I know there are some of you that sigh at this thought, So here's why I waited until now to blog about it.  

I'm pretty excited about our collection of Christmas decorations and holiday trimmings this year! We've mixed naturals with bright reds and metal and wood with our fir and pine. Let's have a look see. All these pieces are just perfect for your rustic or refined farmhouse homes.

No playing favorites but I have to show you this one first! This white washed Merry Christmas sign is so fabulous I could barely contain my excitement when I first saw them. They are old windows and shutters imported from Holland and each one is just a little different from the last. And there's this one...

The Silent Night in Gray has me all heart eyes too. Cause the windows are just so unique and the paint wash is just enough.

And then this one!!! Oh man, they are all so fabulous. I just adore the hardware on this Silent Night, Holy Night sign. All of these signs are available in three finishes. White, gray and raw.  

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? This adorable metal sleigh would make the perfect centerpiece. And that wood pallet Winter Wonderland sign is so festive. Both are perfect your your farmhouse decor or any home setting. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Farmhouse Fresh Dining Room with Joanna Gaines's Furniture

Fixer-Upper season 4 just wrapped. The Magnolia furniture line has been on the market for a few months and the world is still crazy for Joanna Gaines. Well why not. Her look is fresh and minimal with twists of nostalgia. I grew up in a home where pieces were collected for their stories and where they came from. My mom was an avid antiquer and I am no stranger to a little rust or patina. Those collected pieces have a background and one day they started off new in someone's bedroom or living room. We have always loved mixing old with new at Purple Rose and this furniture collection has just the right twist of something new and old all in one.

How about a farmhouse style dining room that won't break the bank and has clean contemporary lines with elements of that very nostalgia we get with a collected piece. As always, we highly encourage mixing in pieces from the past to give your home a personal touch and a story of your own for your loved ones to tell.

The simplicity of a black and white room can be soothing when the whites are warm and everything is distressed. This dining room look takes the signature look of shiplap wood panels and adorns the Archive Hutch and Bookcase in Antique White. Contrasting blackened bronze hardware completes the piece with sliding barn doors for the cabinets and large card catalog style drawer pulls. The Keeping Dining Table in Jo's White has plenty of storage too for placemats, napkins and napkin rings. Each side has four drawers with contrasting black drawer pulls. Square, tapered legs keep this table minimal so the other accents in the room can take center stage. Add the Spindle Side Chair in Black and/or the Harper Side Chair in Chimney for that contemporary farmhouse look that Joanna does so well. I personally would choose one style chair here and my preference for this room is the spindle chair. Then top it off with the Circulaire Pediment Wall Decor.

Now you have your foundation and you can accessorize with some metal items like Olive Buckets, Metal Caddy with Glasses and Corbel Bookends for the hutch, an Oval Metal Tray for the center of the Table and a Sugarboo Poetry or Book Print for another wall.

For more Magnolia Home Furniture and styles see our website Right now take 15% off your store wide purchases on regular priced items including Magnolia. Online use code SUNSUN15. Sale ends 8/13/16.

Monday, July 18, 2016

More Accessories to Complete Your Farmhouse Style Home

I've been focusing a lot on my own home these past couple weeks. I don't have a "fixer-upper" in the sense that my home needs a lot of work, but there was and is a lot of painting that needs to get done. My home is a post and beam with a lot of exposed wood so it kind of feels like a farmhouse which is perfect for all the new accessories we've added online. Oh, did you think I was going to post pictures of my house? I will soon, I promise. I'm not quite ready yet. You can get a glimpse here though. I will show you the accessories I've been adding in though.

We kind of can't keep this Repurposed Metal Drum Shelf in stock since I posted it on Instagram a while back. Oh, if you clicked that Instagram link, that is my house. So this wall shelf looks like a slice of a metal barrel with some wooden shelves and handles for a very rustic farmhouse feel. Add some old bottles or books or small picture frames. We like to add some faux greenery to liven it up but bud vases with real picks from your garden will work too.

Any lover of farmhouse style loves olive buckets. Whether they are reproductions like these or vintage ones like the ones we have coming in next week. They come in two sizes and are the perfect container for cotton stems or these faux ferns.  The metal has a perfect patina of wear and tear that looks just like they were used in the fields to pick olives during the harvest.

Another shop favorite is this Wooden Tray with 5 Glass Bottles. We like to see it on a sideboard or bookshelf with a single flower or cotton stem. You can add a fresh flower to each for a colorful display or leave it empty cause all on it's own it has dimension that will add some character to your home. 

This metal wall rack with 3 metal pots might be one of my favorites. I do love it with the ferns but I want to put this on the wall next to my sons  craft table in the playroom. Fill it with "craymons" and "muckers". Still another perfect utensil holder for the kitchen too. Makeup brushes, hair brushes and on and on.

Another great vessel for our ferns  are these very rustic zinc finished metal pots. No two are alike in their patina and each one has a scalloped mouth and cute little scalloped saucer. I have quite a few of these around my house cause I'm a plant killer. Faux ferns nevah die!

And last for today is this super farmy and rustic root cellar box. Most of us buy our roots from the grocery store now, so we can use our cellar boxes for decoration. You know what would be super to do with this is purchase it for a gift. Line with a Pehr napkin, like we did here, and get a bottle of wine, some chocolates and cheese knives. Voila! Instant houswarming gift!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Shop the 2016 Pantone Colors at Purple Rose

At the end of 2015, Pantone released their 2016 colors. That’s right, plural. Usually, they pick one, but this year, they chose a duo: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Each lending itself fluidly to the other, the blushing pink and tranquil blue work in harmony, banishing any line of distinction. And at Purple Rose, we’ve brought you a collection of products to match the new Pantone color pair.

If you’re expecting the arrival of a family member this year, you couldn’t have timed it better--these are classic colors for your little one’s clothing and nursery decor. The crib’s bedding is from Bella Notte Linens, constructed in the U.S. and made with low impact dyes and environmentally friendly fibers. Heirloom Rose and Cloud are the perfect pantone color matches. Add this Canvas Storage Hamper for tossing tiny bibs and socks. And before you put them down for a nap, change them in this MilkBarn Onesie (also available in this blue).

Looking for gifts for family, friends or maybe even yourself? Take a look at these items available in soft rose and blue hues. While enjoying morning coffee, pamper yourself in this Selke Fleece Hooded Robe (shown in French Blue), made of 100% polyester and machine washable. Perfect for filling a housewarming basket, this adorable Powder Room Soap Set is made from a triple milled recipe of all-vegetable base oils and is free of animal testing. Jot your thoughts down with the Rifle Paper Co.’s Notebook Set featuring an intricate gold foil pattern inspired by the Rorschach Inkblot test. Both 6” x 8” notebooks are unlined sixty-four pages for writing or even sketching.

What do you think of these new Pantone colors? Have you seen them popping up in fashion and decor this year? Let us know what you think.
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